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“Membership has its benefits.” — Barry Brinegar

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You might be thinking to yourself, "Why should I join LBS when you already offer so many awesome non-member events?"

Well...you would be missing out on all the members-only benefits such as special barrel pick bottles, LBS discounts at local establishments, and swag. Who doesn't like swag??? So, let's go and join LBS today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Enjoy all the swag and free members-only events
Enjoy all the swag and free members-only events

Membership with The Lexington Bourbon Society

Your membership to enjoy!

Members Walter and Maggie share their perspective on LBS membership.

We have been members of the Lexington Bourbon Society for just over a year. It has been a great experience meeting great people with a shared interest in bourbon.

There have many opportunities to learn more about bourbon and many distilleries. Also, many tastings have introduced us to brands we may never have tried.

Even during these difficult times, we have found ways to get together and have some fun. Whether it is trivia nights or just a virtual happy hour. Even a great event learning about cocktails and how to make some tasty versions of some signature bourbon ones.

COVID-19 Awareness and Safety

Moving forward in 2022

During the 2020 pandemic, the Lexington Bourbon Society came together with several opportunities to virtually meet, celebrate, and appreciate all things bourbon. Today, we continue to work diligently with our board officers to provide safe and diverse programming to accommodate as many members as possible. We encourage masking for indoor activities, we practice social distancing, and we follow guidelines from the CDC and the state of Kentucky.

COVID-19 Awareness and Safety

Membership with The Lexington Bourbon Society

International Membership

LBS goes international for its membership, as Members Chris and Lea-Ann share being part of the Kentucky bourbon community.