Lexington Bourbon Society

In the heart of bourbon country, we celebrate its heritage, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and our nation.

Bringing Good Folks Together Since 2007

Kentucky is the home of America's Native Spirit.

And since 2014, our organization of over 300 members has been proactive throughout the bourbon scene. We appreciate all things bourbon and bring good folks together to share experiences in the Lexington, Kentucky area and beyond.

501c7 NonProfit Charitable Organization
Providing Events and Opportunities to Give Back
Bringing Together fellow Bourbon Enthusiasts for Great Causes

And most of all, we are a drinking club with a giving problem.

Barrel Picks and Critiques

Wine + Market/LBS | December 2023 | 117.1 proof

Tasty pick to enjoy neat or in your favorite Christmas cocktail: Clover, floral, and walnut with a creamy mouthfeel and medium finish!

Friends of LBS support and help make our mission possible

We would like to thank our families, friends, and supporters across the state of Kentucky and beyond.

Friends of LBS support and help make our mission possible

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