Bourbon Advent

“One sip of warming bourbon gives me a Christmassy feeling, the spicy heat teasing out memories of the fragrant liquor.” — Lynn Marie Hulsman

Each year, we bring holiday cheers celebrating our Bourbon Advent.

Whether you are sipping a premium pour or a special barrel pick that is no longer available, season's greetings as we participate in Bourbon Advent throughout the month of December.

The Lexington Bourbon Society creates and distributes specialized advent calendars to our bourbon society each year. We celebrate the holidays and kick off the festive season with our calendar exchange event before Thanksgiving. And by providing a bottle poured into 24 labeled 1oz. bottles, members can enter one of the calendars we offer and follow along online each day leading up to Christmas Day!

The spots are first-come, first-serve. Calendars fill up fast, and only a handful of spots are offered for members to participate. We typically hold two calendars, ranging in themes from open whiskey to premium (minimum $90 retail) bourbon calendars—That leaves 48 spots to grab each year! And we finish off the event with your choice of sipper on Christmas Eve. What a fun way to showcase great whiskeys picked by members for members who sign up!

During the holiday season starting on December 1, be sure to follow along by liking us on Facebook at @LexingtonBourbonSociety. Let's celebrate the holidays and welcome the festivities each year through pours that warm the soul. Cheers!

Premium | $90+ Series

Our first calendar focused on premium whiskeys submitted by our participating members. These pours were either hard to get or considered exclusive favorites savored by true appreciators of bourbon whiskeys. We featured several prominent distilleries in the industry as well as rising stars!

Click our calendar image or HERE (PDF) or HERE (JPG) to download the 2023 LBS Advent Calendar for Premium Whiskey (costing at least $90 at retail) and enjoy. Cheers!

Barrel Proof Bourbon Series

Our second calendar focused on barrel proof, barrel strength, and cask strength favorites. As you look across these pours, you will notice proofs that range from 107.6 to 133! This is straight from the barrel: no water, no "proofing" it down to a specified number like Bottled in Bond (100) or the minimum to be considered a bourbon (80). They hold nothing back, and participants will enjoy sips of bourbon as they come out aged from the barrel!

Click our calendar image or HERE (PDF) or HERE (JPG) to download the 2022 LBS Advent Calendar for Blind Whiskeys and enjoy. Cheers!
December is the season of sharing our advent calendars!

Interested in sharing a favorite whiskey for the Bourbon Advent season with other Lexington Bourbon Society members?

Have a bottle and you would like to participate with us during the month of December? Our calendars are only available to Lexington Bourbon Society members for the upcoming holiday season. Join today to get details on bottle submission and our upcoming exchange event.