Friends of LBS

“Bourbon transcends ingredients and brand names. It embodies a culture, a feeling, and a sense of unity that draws friends together and brings foes to peace.” — Fred Minnick

Friends of Lexington Bourbon Society

Our organization is fully supported by member dues and the continued support from many distilleries, venues, and fellow spirit enthusiasts.

Each year, we support various charities and promote awareness thanks to the valued contributions from each business and community partner.

For that, we raise a sip of our favorite whiskey to you! Cheers! Together we will continue to support each other through 2024 and beyond.

Below are friends and supporters of our organization, and we would like to thank and recognize each of the following:

Missing a friend of the Lexington Bourbon Society?

Are we missing someone from the above list? Let us know, and we will make sure to add them right away to our growing list of supporters.