• November 30, 2019

LBS International Membership

International LBS members, Chris Tatzenko and Lea-Ann Mathews share their perspective on being part of the Kentucky bourbon community.

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Lexington Bourbon Society-international members

Chris Tatzenko and Lea-Ann Mathews

We started visiting Kentucky in 2010 after watching a tv show about how they made bourbon. We liked bourbon, so we decided to add a few days in on our first trip to the USA.

After experiencing Kentucky hospitality on our first trip, we decided we would return in 2012. The bourbon boom was just sort of getting underway but to the point that we could still find great bourbon on the shelves of the liquor store. We visited Lexington that year, but it wasn’t a very happening town. How that has changed in last few years.

Buffalo Trace Barrel Signing

[Photo: Chris adds his signature to pick at Buffalo Trace distillery]

Prior to our 2014 trip, I found the Lexington Bourbon Society on Facebook and made a comment that Chris and I were heading over from Australia and would be keen to meet up with some like-minded bourbon people and discuss all things bourbon. Matt Preston reached out and asked me when we would be in Lexington, and what my favourite bourbon was. We gave him our dates and told him it was Angel's Envy. Just before we arrived in Kentucky, Matt sent me a message and said that LBS had organised a small event which would include some Angel's Envy. We were excited to meet everyone and drink some bourbon.

We showed up to the event August 2014 and have been involved with LBS since! We became the first international members in 2015.

We have met so many new people and made some great friends, drank and shared some amazing bourbon since joining LBS that we are so grateful to be a part of.

Being a member is awesome. LBS is more than just a club, it’s a lifestyle.