• August 26, 2019

Barrel Proof Bottle Share

LBS members gathered together at Brent Colangelo's home to share some of their favorite high-proof pours and socialize on an August evening.

[Image: 20 members gathered to share various high-proof spirits.]

The Barrel Proof Bottle Share was a super fun social gathering for our LBS members. For this gathering, member Brent Colangelo chose to have a “High-Proof" theme, and we appreciate Brent for opening up his house to 20 members of the Lexington Bourbon Society.

Our generous members brought a Straight From The Barrel OUS Blanton's, Weller Full Proof Single Barrel, Angels Envy Cask Strength, and New Riff Barrel Proof from Group #606. Many other pours were brought and opened up by our generous host and attendees. Brent even brought out a wine from South Africa for a couple of our plus ones to enjoy; once again, reenforcing that bourbon isn’t the only thing we care about.

Next up, members Erik Carlsen-Landy and Stephen J B Davis will each host a themed sipper at their respective homes soon.

High Proof Sipper Brent Colangelo Aug. 2019

[Photo: Social Gathering with Bourbon Enthusiasts]