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Full Year Membership at $100

Welcome to the Lexington Bourbon Society. We are so excited you have decided to join our organization.

Since our first large fundraiser in 2014, our members have been able to contribute over $80,000 to more than 25 community members in need, charitable causes, and worthy organizations!

In 2019 alone, LBS has given $27,800 to nine different organizations. That is amazing! Thanks to our members and board, we can continue to celebrate the heritage of bourbon, Kentucky, and our nation throughout the year. Let us make 2020 another great year!

With your completed membership, you can take part in our exclusive discounts, exciting events, and meetups with many knowledgeable folks in the industry as well. To get started, we ask that you fill out the following information for our membership coordinator.

Once submitted, we will provide the opportunity to pay dues online via PayPal, which also supports paying with a credit card. If you decide not to, you will have dues owed at the next LBS event.

Important! Membership begins once payment is received in full by the membership coordinator.

For information on membership benefits, see our Membership Page.

If you have any additional questions regarding membership, email membership@lexingtonbourbonsociety.com.