• June 6, 2018

J. Alexander’s Social Sipper

Barry Brinegar shares his remarks on our June 2018 Social Sipper at J. Alexander's, which had about 40 members and non-members in attendance to enjoy the bourbon picks provided.

[Image: J. Alexander’s is a contemporary American restaurant with over a dozen locations across several states]

We were treated in upscale fashion at J. Alexander's for our social sipper. The Lexington Bourbon Society took over the patio and were treated to Artisan pizza, Calamari, spinach dip and chips, and super generous 2 OZ pours of their single barrel picks of Old Weller Antique 107 (OWA) and Buffalo Trace bourbons. They also discounted specialty drinks and wine. We hope you will go back soon to J. Alexander's and tell Dan and Harry, the local managers, how thankful we were that they welcomed our social group for a social sipper and your appreciate their generosity.

Their patio was very nice, and it was estimated that we had close to 40 people attend. It was close to standing room only. We heard from Matt Preston about the success of our recent Commonwealth Bash event on June 2nd. Upcoming events are distillery tours, and fundraising efforts for the next several months.