For Our Friends At Flame Run – Members Only

April 24, 2020 @ 1:30 pm – April 26, 2020 @ 6:30 pm
For Our Friends At Flame Run - Members Only

Hi all, we hope this finds you healthy and in good spirits!


If you already know, then you totally get it!
If you don’t already know, then it is our pleasure to introduce you!

Beginning in 2015, we started taking “field-trips” a couple times a year to 815 W. Market St. in Louisville to create custom, one-of-a-kind functional pieces of art. One at a time, we accompanied a very talented artists (thank you Centre College) down the stairs into the Hotshop to begin creation. Having selected colors and discussed design with the artist, we got busy. Once the artist has collected just the right amount of 2100° F molten glass, we began to blow air into the glass through a tube at the precise force instructed by the artist. At this point, we sat back and let the artistry commence. After 30 minutes or so, the piece went into the 800° F cooling oven, and after a day or two the glass was ready for use, admiration, and prideful show-and-tell.

We would love to send you and a couple of friends to the studio once they re-open to create your own whisk(e)y glass (or even wine glass or ornament)I

We have a $200 gift certificate ready to send to someone reading this. That someone will be determined via live raffle drawing here on our page Sunday, April 26 at 6 PM EST. To enter send multiples of $10 (1 entry = $10, 2 for $20, etc) directly to the Flame Run Glass Studio and Gallery folks via PayPal. Entries will be accepted until 5 PM EST Sunday. At which time, we will alpha-sort all entries by first name, paste that list into, randomize the list 5 times, and the entry in the #1 spot after the 5th spin will be emailed the $200 gift certificate. Feel free to share far and wide! Thank you in advance for helping these fine folks, and good luck in the drawing!!!