• September 6, 2019

A Private Viewing of “NEAT: The Story of Bourbon” & Bourbon Tasting

LBS joined the Lexington Art League and other attendees for a private viewing as part of their Bluegrass Transplants Exhibition at the Loudoun House.

[Image: Over 50 guests enjoyed a private viewing of "Neat: The Story of Bourbon" at the Loudoun House.]

Continuing with our celebration of 2019's Bourbon Heritage Month, members of the Lexington Bourbon Society—along with 50 other family members, friends, and guests—were treated to a private viewing of "Neat: The Story of Bourbon". This 2018 documentary has inspired many fans of bourbon to appreciate America's Native Spirit and the lives it touches. This evening was no exception!

The event kicked off at 7:00 p.m. when we were welcomed to the Loudoun House by the Lexington Art League, central Kentucky's original arts organization. Attendees got an exclusive sneak peek throughout the facility of various works featured in the upcoming Bluegrass Transplants exhibition. Curators Joanne Hope Skiles Couch and Samantha Jean Moore expressed elation on the opportunity to spotlight local artists who were not originally from Kentucky, but rather have moved here and now call it home. A beautiful state with a rich history and culture, Kentucky has left an impact for many artists on display in this exhibition.

Neat: The Story of Bourbon Event

[Photo: "Neat: The Story of Bourbon", private viewing event was held at the Loudoun House]

Prior to the documentary viewing, Bourbon Stewards and LBS members Nathan and Leah Wright led tastings on three different bourbon pours: Buffalo Trace, Larceny Small Batch, and Four Roses Single Barrel. The duo provided tasting notes and shared on each distillery's impact in the bourbon community. We encourage you to like Leah's Facebook page, bookingsbitesandbourbon, and follow her adventures and perspective on topics like bourbon.

Bourbon Tasting Group

[Photo: Nathan and Leah Wright lead guests in personalized bourbon tasting]

Another surprise came when the Lexington Art League Exhibitions Director, Logan Dennison, welcomed everyone to the main event. He introduced curators Joanne and Samantha for a few words of gratitude and thanks. In turn, the duo lead introductions to a couple of producers of the documentary. Within seconds, AJ Hochhalter and Gannon Diggs joined the floor, and the two shared some personal insight on the project prior to viewing. It was an enjoyable welcome from the team and a real treat for those in attendance.

Neat Producers Gannon and AJ

[Photo: Co-Producer, Gannon Diggs, and Producer, AJ Hochhalter, share on their experience with the documentary]

After the film completed, guests continued to mingle and enjoy the exhibition. Rock House Brewing and Rolling Oven provided additional drinks and food for guests, and the evening concluded with deep appreciation and thanks given to sponsors. For Lexington Bourbon Society, the members in attendance were very pleased with the event and all of Lexington Art League's hard work to make this evening possible. Thanks again to Logan and his staff for inviting us to the private viewing and a delightful occurrence at the Loudoun House.

Bourbon Sips of Tasting

[Photo: Tastings provided for all in attendance, Images Courtesy of bookingsbitesandbourbon]

ABOUT THE AUTHORStephen Woodall is owner of Lexington Creative Design, a Lexington Bourbon Society board member and bourbon enthusiast. He lives in Lexington, Kentucky.